GFC’s highly effective preventive and corrective crane maintenance programs help ensure continuous crane operation.

Our up-time at Port Everglades exceeds 99.9%. This efficiency record reflects GFC’s standard in guaranteeing reduced operating costs and increased revenues for all its clients and operators.

We are alway’s ready to respond rapidly – when our clients need us we are there.When a Category 5 hurricane struck Puerto Rico, only 2 buckled cranes were left standing, 4 others were lying on the ground, effectively cutting off relief efforts to the island. Our team responded and we were on the ground within 24 hours. Within 3 weeks, 2 cranes were fully operational, and being maintained by GFC in the face of around-the-clock seven day a week use.

How We Respond

Since 1998 we have led the industry by maintaining a rapid response team that is ready to respond anywhere in the world at a moments notice. Our capabilities are time-tested and proven, we’ve deployed to many places around the world including:

  • Port Authority of Guam
  • Lastra North America
  • Matson Terminals