Meet Our Team

GFC Crane Consultants, Inc. blends the talents of various experienced personnel that are committed to excellence in the marine industry. Their backgrounds include, but not limited to, expertise in structural engineering, field repairs and nondestructive testing.

William “Forster” Dufton

Principal & Owner
William Forster Dufton ("Forster") first worked on container cranes in 1970 with his uncle, George Forster Charlton, the founder of GFC in 1970 and has been associated with the company ever since. He resumed working with GFC full time in 1993 in various capacities including Senior Vice President ...
William Forster Dufton

Dale W. Hoover

Vice President of Operations
Dale graduated from the Calhoon Engineering School in 1971. He started his career sailing on various U.S. flagged merchant ships as an engineering officer. Dale was then asked to come ashore in 1978 to complement various SeaLand crane departments. Working in Elizabeth, NJ. Norfolk VA. New Orleans...
Dale W. Hoover

Marc Aloisio

General Manager of Maintenance & Senior Crane Maintenance Technician
General Manager of Maintenance and Senior Crane Maintenance Technician Marc Aloisio deals with crane maintenance and the status of the Port Everglades cranes, which included Samsung, Paceco, and Kone cranes. He manages crane maintenance supervisors, mechanics and electricians in the maintenance a...

Martin Kalin

President, CFO & Chairman of the Board
Marty Kalin is involved in all administrative and financial aspects of the company including strategy, marketing, legal, human resources and project management. Since 1984, Marty has founded and managed a number of international trade related service companies including MK Technology Trade Ser...
Martin Kalin